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New Jersey RAGE

The New Jersey Rage was formed to promote the physical and social development of youth softball players through training and competition. Our organizational goal is to develop children to be able to reach their maximum potential on and off the field. Our players will be taught many skills and provided with tons of knowledge from coaches of all levels of play and educational backgrounds.  Players will be trained to be both physically and mentally prepared to deal with the rigors of competitive sports and life itself.

Our staff will operate under the organizational policy that all girls will earn their spots on the field and in the batting order. Positive competition will exist at each practice, game and tournament.  Teamwork will be taught and enforced from coaches down through the players.  Not one player shall be favored, tailored to, or revered over the others. Not one coach will exist that follows this practice.  "I" does not exist in our domain.

If you want a fair shake....If you think you have what it takes to play with the best.....

Bring your RAGE to our tryouts.   Please Register on our tryout page to announce your arrival!!!!

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